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Parks and Leisure Australia Vic/Tas Region (PLA Vic/Tas) and Rec People are pleased to announce a new partnership to bring evidence-based research findings from sport, recreation, leisure, play, parks and open space sectors to the physical activity industry.

The joint initiative Rec+ Research is a result of both organisations recognising a need to deliver a dedicated program that identifies and presents the latest industry research findings directly to the practitioners who are responsible for the planning and delivery of programs, services and infrastructure in our communities.

The goal of Rec+ Research is to keep industry professionals up to date with the latest data and research on parks and open space provision and usage, sport and recreation facility provision, and physical activity programs and services.

Useful evidence-based research findings and real-time data are regularly being developed by universities, research companies, equipment manufacturers, councils, and federal governments, and partner agencies. Rec+ Research aims to collect and collate research data and facilitate the means by which you receive it, to assist you to make more responsive policy and planning decisions and more compelling arguments for necessary resource allocation.

Rec+ Research will help you turn ANALYSIS of data into ACTION in an easy to access forum.

PLA Vic/Tas and Rec People will deliver a series of online Rec+ Research webinars and in-person sessions to sector staff and professionals as research findings become available. All organisations and agencies conducting research relevant to the sport, recreation, leisure, play and the open space sectors, are encouraged to deliver their research findings through this platform.

Rec+ Research presented online will be FREE for all PLA members or $25 for non- members, and when presented during seminars, conferences or other events will be subject to event pricing.

To discuss opportunities to present your research findings as part of Rec+ Research, please contact Dan Ferguson or 0432 334 054.

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