Rec People exists to support Local Government by providing services that will find them the best and most talented permanent or temporary staff in sport, recreation and leisure

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Our story

Rec People commenced trading in 2018, after 10 years of service as Rec Relief. Whilst temporary staffing is still at the core of our business offerings, Rec Relief transitioned to Rec People and expanded its service offerings to provide permanent, temporary and project-based options for employment. 

This, in conjunction with mentoring services, graduate programs and targeted recruitment, ensures the best new talent can get a head start and receive the support and guidance they need to be the best they can be in the Local Government sector. 

Today, Rec People has built relationships with over 40 local councils in Victoria. We have extensive experience in the sport, recreation and leisure space specifically, including an in-depth understanding of the culture of each local council we deal with.

Rec People works very closely with our council partners to provide fast temporary or permanent recruitment options targeting the industry’s best talent.

Meet the management team

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Mandy Nolton

The creative leader who is not afraid to do things differently

Mandy’s passion for learning and innovative attitude enabled her to identify an opportunity to work in the Recreation and Leisure industry across a number of different councils.

Since 1994, Mandy has worked in community recreation roles within Local Government and private enterprise, combining her passion for community recreation and leading and developing a small business. Starting her career in the aquatic and leisure facility management environment, Mandy worked in a number of indoor and outdoor facilities before moving into recreation development, project management and recreation planning roles. After 24 years of delivering recreation and leisure projects and providing leisure planning services to Local Government, Mandy is managing and growing the Rec People business.

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Larissa Kleiss

Show me da money!

Larissa is everyone’s favourite person in the office. Why, I hear you ask? Because she looks after the finances (which means payroll). Larissa’s been on the Rec Relief/Rec People journey most of the way with Mandy and her business support role is vital to the success of Rec people.

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Leisa Bourke

Admin support with a smile

Leisa has almost 20 years’ experience in providing professional Office Management & Executive Support Services primarily with global enterprise organisations.

Leisa is detail orientated and highly organised.  She thrives on supporting busy professionals so that they are freed up to focus on their core business.  She is motivated by adding value to a successful team.

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Joe Novella

A rose amongst the…(Only joking!)

Joe is Rec People’s Marketing And Content Manager, which means that he’s responsible for all the content you see on the website, newsletter and social media channels. A published writer and film maker, Joe is a devilishly handsome, charisma machine with an intellect that has more moving parts than an exploding star. It’s Joe’s job to help the world understand just how great Rec People’s services are and how they can help Local Government.

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