This World Can Thursday December 3rd 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.
Rebuilding From The Community Up

If there’s a time to reflect and understand the real meaning of your role, that time is now. I’m sure you have heard the conversations around doing things differently and how we cant and don’t want to go back to the way it was. Recent conferences have centered the discussions around the need for change, the need to be innovative and the need to be inclusive. 

If your role has anything to do with working with the community, this session is for you. If you are responsible for:

  • supporting sporting clubs to rebuild after months of shut down 
  • designing and delivering physical activity programs and initiatives 
  • activating community recreation, leisure and open space 
  • planning for the future provision of community facilities and services 
  • building communities through active recreation, play and sport

The session will outline:

  • Strategies to help rebuild community after COVID-19 
  • Using physical activity, sport and recreation as a community development tool
  • Case studies applicable to pandemic recovery and community physical activity and activation
  • Enhancing open space quality through community connection and contribution

If you want to attach more meaning to your role, join the conversation around how to Rebuild From The Community Up post Covid-19.


Andre Van Eymeren – Managing Director – Centre for Building Better Community

Vieli Choka – African Youth Community Development Worker – The Wellington Collingwood

Nigel Smith – Urban Strategist – Centre for Building Better Community 


Kerry Wilson – Local Government Leader – Rec People

If you want to learn more about rebuilding your community, Rebuilding Your Community is a 12-month learning community commencing in December hosted by CBBC .

Breakout Rooms

Will run from 11.00am to 12.00 midday, after which we will have 4 breakout rooms available until
12.30 pm. The breakout room discussions will be facilitated by industry professionals:

Placemaking (how physical infrastructure can build community) – Facilitator Dan Ferguson, Panellist Nigel Smith.
Physical Activity (using physical activity for social cohesion and development) – Facilitators Camila Briggs of Rec People, Rick Morris of Maribyrnong City Council and Kerry Wilson of Rec People, Panellist Vieli Choka.
Community Development (how to support communities to flourish) – Facilitator Melanie Pratt,  Panellist Andre Van Eymeren.
Sport Club Development and Operations – Facilitators Tamara Mason and Adam Feiner. (This breakout room will focus on ‘return to play’ logistics and operations for sports clubs).

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