Essential Policy Suite Master Class

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Session Overview

Good policy can save you time, effort, angst and produce superior outcomes. For e.g.  Sports clubs constantly demanding bigger and better facilities? A new bar? A new social room? If only you had a Sports Facilities Standards Policy you could refer them to that outlined what Council will and won’t provide.

And yet many Local Government sport, recreation and leisure services are yet to adopt a suite of trialed, tested and endorsed policies. Establishing a sound policy base will improve decision making, ensure a consistent approach to action, improve effectiveness and efficiency, improve outcomes, improve job satisfaction and save time.

Our Master Class is a 2-hour burst of information designed to present Local Government sport, recreation and leisure staff with examples of essential policies for achieving physical activity outcomes. We will showcase a suite of policies, present what other Local Governments are doing to address industry challenges through good policy. We will also outline the steps your organisation can take to get started on an essential policy making journey.

Key Session Takeaways:

• A checklist of essential policies
• Policy examples
• A policy development framework
• Peer case studies
• Peer support


Kerry Wilson

~Gender Equity & Physical Activity Changemaker~ ~CoFounder Put Her Name on It Campaign ~ ~Deputy Chair Alpine Sector~
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