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Australia’s most innovative provider of recreation and leisure staff to local government
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Rec Relief

Call in one of our experienced staff to backfill a role, deliver a project, or for off site project support.

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Rec Recruit

Recruitment done differently. Choose your service level from 1. Rec Connect: targeted job advertising, 2. Light Recruitment or 3. Full Recruitment.

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Rec Graduate

Internships and Graduate Programs to provide career pathways for the best talent launching their careers in local government.

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Rec Mentoring

Personalised mentoring and coaching programs for recreation and leisure staff to upskill and build confidence whilst on the job.

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Payroll Services

Provision of payroll services to contractors or temporary workers in Local Government.


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  • We understand the roles you need to fill and we know our staff. So we can provide you with your perfect match.
  • We already have a team of the most talented and respected recreation professionals currently working for us. We can tell you up front who is your best match and when they can start working with you.
  • We have no sales targets. We do not recommend a staffing option if it is not going to solve your problem. Our service is designed to achieve results and provide value for money.


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  • Rec People acts as an advocate for staff, ensuring that staff are provided with the right opportunities to achieve their career goals.
  • Staff work as part of a team of recreation professionals, supporting each other in either temporary or permanent jobs.
  • Rec People knows recreation and leisure jobs inside out and is best placed to align staff with their best possible job match.
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