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Rec Relief

Whether you need an expert in a particular area or you just don’t have enough staff to deliver your recreation and leisure projects or to backfill roles, we’re here to help. Temporary and project workers can work within your team on site or off site as required.

RecPeople Mentoring

Rec Recruit

Rec Recruit is our permanent recruitment service. Rec Recruit has 4 service levels to customer needs and budget. These service levels include:

  1. Boost
  2. List
  3. Lite
  4. Full 
Rec People Graduate

Rec Graduate

We all had to start somewhere, so we are working with Local Government partners to design and manage a graduate program to attract the best young talent to our industry. Coming in 2019.

Rec Mentoring

Rec Mentoring

Personalised mentoring and coaching programs for recreation and leisure staff to upskill and build confidence whilst on the job.

Payroll Services

Provision of payroll services to contractors or temporary workers in Local Government. Just another way we support independent, flexible workers, whilst meeting Councils procurement requirements.

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